360 degree

All of the following panoramas will open in a lightbox within the page.

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Mt Duse summit


Salisbury Plain King Penguin colony


Spencer Ridge above Maiviken


Mt. Hodges in summer


Skiing below Pinnacle Pass


A tricky panorama from the RIB infront of the Nordenskjold Glacier


Corral Bay


Gull Lake in winter


Brown mountain in summer


Mt Hodges in summer


Grytviken at night


Grytviken in winter (same location as night panorama)


Infront of the base at King Edward Point


Maiviken hut in winter at night


Tortula beach at Maiviken


Lewis Pass, locally known as ‘Dead mans’


The sealers cave in Maiviken


Prion Island with nesting Wandering Albatross


From a fully extended man basket on the JCB on KEP wharf


From a fully extended man basket on the JCB outside the Larsen building


St Andrews Bay King penguin colony


The summit of Stenhouse Peak


Stromness valley behind the whaling station


At the edge of Stromness whaling station with Fur Seals breeding


Grytviken Church, decorated for Christmas


Harpon hut 360 at night


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